Face-to-face Lessons Resume – 26 April

Thank you to all!

Well, it has been a long time, but, with the much anticipated (and welcome!) lifting of Covid-19 restrictions due to come into force on 26 April, I can announce that I’m planning a phased return to face-to-face teaching from this date onwards. A big ‘Thank You!’ to all my excellent, hard-working and faithful pupils (and their families) who have done so well in making Skype lessons such a great success over these past months. It has been a pleasure to teach you in this way, and to see your progress during lockdown.

Safety first

And so, I’m really happy to say that ‘real’ face-to-face lessons will shortly resume. As a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, I’ll be following ISM guidelines (www.ism.org) for best practice, health and safety. Nothing can be more important than keeping everyone safe at this time and in the coming weeks and months, so it’s really important that we all follow the safety guidelines for social distancing, wearing face masks, using hand gel and ensuring teaching rooms in homes are well-ventilated etc. I’ll be sending further details to all my pupils about what’s required by email, well in advance of your first lesson as we return more and more to what lessons ‘used’ to be like (such a long time ago!).

Patience is a virtue

My brass pupils won’t like this next bit, but, trumpet and trombone pupils will have to wait a bit longer for their face-to-face lessons to start up again. Sorry brass players! We will continue on Skype however, and return to normal lessons as soon as possible. Watch this space for further details…

Go for it!

If you’re thinking about starting lessons, please do get in touch with me by phone or email. I’ll be happy to discuss this with you, and I’m now taking bookings for new Piano and/or Music Theory pupils from the beginning of May onwards, subject to availability, and subject to the ongoing lifting of lockdown restrictions. If you would prefer to wait a bit longer and perhaps commence lessons via. Skype before ‘taking the plunge’ and booking a face-to-face lesson, I’ll be happy to accommodate this.

That’s all for now, keep up the good work!!

Best wishes,